As we learn more, as skills improve, as understanding deepens and humility grows, the vision of what we are doing constantly changes… final mastery is, thankfully, always within sight, always beyond our grasp.

Offering Taijiquan and Qigong classes in our barn-studio in South Freeport and in Brunswick, at Bowdoin College. Additional training seminars offered throughout the year. For information about our programs, check out our Classes and Special Events pages.

Most classes offered are ongoing- new students are given introductory material, and also benefit from having others in class with different levels of experience. Eventually the natural sharing that takes place helps to deepen the learning for everyone. Taijiquan classes consist of both traditional Taijiquan form practice and Qigong, an essential element of internal practice. While most people take classes for the health benefits, an explanation of the martial application of the movements is included to provide context and purpose. For those interested, there are also opportunities available to explore and practice the martial art of Taijiquan.